Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You are Not Kottler or Armstrong!

My tutor say something very interesting today when one group of the students answer the tutorial question without carefully follow what is in the lecture slides. Ms Gengeswari, my beloved Retail management tutor and lecturer as well said: you are not Kottler or Armstrong, don't develop your own theory, follow what the point written in the lecture slides! lol...I smile at the time she said this. I am not saying she is wrong, please don't get me wrong. She is doing what she is being. She is a tutor, she want us to pass, so she have to teach in this way, and ask you to follow what in the slides, actually indirectly she is asking us to answer in a way that will score in the exam. And it is good for Malaysia student (only). We can only blame what poor education system, which judge us on whether we follow the marking scheme or not.

Well, what actually i want to say here is, everyone is natural born to be someone. You are who you are. I am not Kottler or Armstrong, but i am Edison Teo, and i am proud of myself. Why Kottler and Armstrong are so good? Why everyone follow their theory? Because they a very good of themselves. They do their best in their own way. We can and everyone can develop their own theory and be followed as well, just make sure you do your best. If you are a chef, cook your best, and everyone will eat what you cook. If you are an artist, then draw your best, you be someone someday somehow.

But the phenomena nowadays is, a lots of human being let go of themselves. They say no to themselves, not other say no to them. Just imagine, how are you going to persuades others to hire you or buy your idea if you don't have any self confident? To be followed, to be hire, to sell your idea, to sell yourself, 1st of all, the basic requirement, do your very best on being the positive site of yourself. Please don't abuse my words, i am not asking you to be a theft if you are good in stealing! Don't do illegal act, make sure are always in your very healthy personality. And do your very best, trust me, you are someone in future, not necessary be the president of United States, but at least you are the one make your mom and you dad proud off, you are your children' hero.

I am not Kottler or Armstrong, i am me myself! Build your confident from inside.

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