Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is CGPA an appropiate scale to meaure a person talent?

One of my core team member, Chin tell me his view on the academic performance few days ago when i tell him my latest business idea.

Chin: You are near to exam but yet still thinking about business. 
Me: Yea, why? Is not a bad things what. As long as i can pass is ok for me. No need to get too high for the CGPA, i am not study to be employee, but to be employer. (very lanc is it?) And i wont measure my employee just on the CGPA alone. A good one not necessary with good CGPA.
Chin (not agree face): UHmm~If a person cant even manage one own-selves good, how are he/she going to manage others. (quite true)
Me: Yea, quite true. But i cant do well because i am not interested in study for exam, but if you ask me to study for my own interest to become a millionaire, i can study well. 
Chin: uhmm
Me: uhmm

Well, whats the point here?
There are 2 main view point actually, no false or right.

One is the thinking of ordinary manager thinking, an also implement by mostly all the managers. Managers always judge people based on their CGPA, because they simply believe that a poor CGPA means that you can't manage yourself well. They not judging the CGPA as how good you memorize, is how good you manage yourself. Actually is quite true also, some body just hanging around and never plan what he or she want to do for future of course he or she wont plan for a good CGPA. In this paragraph, what i can say for the managers is, yes, you have hired a good worker for the company, he or she will do well in every task you give to him or her. But, the self motivated level is low, they will feel tired and slow down one day, when the return is not satisfying them. What you need to give out is actually higher compare to what you will gain back.

The above is explaining and example a few ordinary view point of many managers. Now come to my point of view, i agree on a good CGPA holder are good in planning, and organizing themselves. Lets compare a person with high CGPA and a guy with moderate CGPA. The high one good in managing themselves, they study for their future(being employed and get high salary), another one is because he study for the needs of wanting to excel and creating something new. Which one you will hire? 95% of the managers will hire the 1st one, but i will hire the 2nd one. I will say that the ROI (return on investment) is higher. Invest a bit, but return is higher, with the condition that he like what he is doing.

Just visualize it: If i hired an architect with good result, what he aspect? a high salary, then i need to pay him for at least RM2k++. Another one, with medium range result, but he like to try something out of the box, something new, with only RM1.5k. The 1st one always follow what i ask him to do, but the 2nd one always surprise me with something might be a very new idea which might become a very famous things in future.

So is all about you choose a follower or an innovator. Low risk low return, high risk high return.


  1. to excel in academic, we have to think out of the box as well. so, people with high cgpa, they are capable of thinking out of the box.. and when ppl have higher cgpa, it simply means they are more bothered at their responsibility. I mean, as a student, my responsibility is to study, right? maybe this is a measure of how some employers choose their employees. at least this is wat i think :)

  2. Yes eliza, you have to think out of box as well. Responsibility is the point i can see in your comment. Is it means that those who don't have a good result are not responsible? And are there going to fail?
    The fact show that those who study and gain knowledge to fulfill their interest excel, not responsibility. Thomas Edison, Bil Gates, and a lots of Millionaire Billionaire are not really good in study. Mean that they dont have responsibility?

    My words is to mentions that a success person in business or entrepreneurship not necessary to have good CGPA.

    Anyways, i am glad that at least got someone look at what i wrote. Thanks Beautiful. =)

  3. the real problem doesn't lies on CGPA,
    it's lies on one's goals,perceptions and values.

    If you think getting a CGPA 4.0 is what you want to do and you think it is feasible to achieve it without sacrificing other as important things(opportunity cost), just get it, why choose 4.0 or 3.0 or pass?

    If your resource(e.g. time) is very scarce, you either get CGPA 4.0 and cannot do other things or CGPA 3.0 plus half of other things or CGPA 2.0 plus 80% of other things or maybe fail in CGPA, but 100% on other;s all depends on how you allocate your resource and based on what criteria you want that resource to be allocated...

    my main point is : know what you are doing, and doing with all of what you know; also, do what you love to do, and love what you want to do.

    The above 2things are very very important to ensure sustainable success in the near future..

    remember, no point arguing for different point of views, coz there is always no definite answers, the choice lies on our hand

    we shape ourselves, we shape our future

  4. Agree on that MWG Studio.=)
    Eliza please don't feel offended. is all about sharing. =)