Sunday, February 20, 2011

Infatuation? Satisfaction?

There are no service or product in this world will fully and continuously satisfy consumer. You might say Dell is the best, or i love Iphone 4, but trust me, you will complaint for the small speaker of Dell computer and the easy cracked screen of the Iphone 4 someday somehow.

I think you are quite blur in this point, what the difference between infatuation and satisfaction? Infatuation is you are admire to something that can brought you to loving the products or services by focus on the GOOD of the product but ignore the BAD of the product. In the other word, we can say that the Good site of the product have grab all your attention, you don't really mind if the Iphone screen will easily broken when dropped, you just simply like the user friendly user interface design and the apps in it. Infatuation is beyond satisfaction in this case.

So infatuation is good or bad for business, especially in new launch product. In my opinion there are both pros and cons. The pros are we can make use of infatuation. A product that can grab the consumer attention crazily is good for it's sale and revenue. Iphone 4 sell off crazily due to the infatuation on the innovation of apple products, there are fans of apple products instead of consumers. They will buy ipod and macbooks too, not only iphone. When a product in this stage, it bring benefits to all its other product.

But however, we can't ignore the cons part. When everyone discover the products "dark side", the very interested situation will turned dramatically to the worst. We might just take Edison Chan scandal case as the example. (Celebrity actually are a form of products too) Everyone love and like the good looking of Edison Chan, he have lots of fans following him, supporting him. But when the sex scandals case come to the surface of the water. His image turn down straight, supporter become criticism, fans turned to hatter. Same-things happen to products too, if Iphone is proven will cause cancer to user, will you use it again? No is the answer, the worst case is, you will ask your friends not to use it too.

Creating the infatuation to products need extra care on the potential risk. But i still will say that it will bring out a very  impressive result if you can handle it well. =)

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